In 2016, the documentary will start a travel 

of more than 10.000 km on the trace

of a legendary music instrument...

Since more than 2000 years

the SAZ binds all generations,

from East China

to western Europe.

Since more than 2000 years

the SAZ binds all generations,

from East Chinato western Europe.


The songs transport

a deep collective memory and identity,


they are taught and played until today

everywhere in the world.



In berlin, it is played everywhere,

Many notice the veiled women,

the kebabs or the loud kids in the street...

but not their instrument.


Petra Nachtmanova is one of the few

Western European players of the Saz.

She sings its songs,

and speaks all his languages.



But she is still relentless

in trying to understand

why this instrument remains so central

in the cultures after thousands of years.


In 2016, she will take to the road

to answer these questions,


to follow the traces of the Saz back through more than seven countries:


From Berlin...


through hidden villages of the Balkans...

chaotic Istanbul...


the plains of Anatolia...

the mountains of the Caucasus...


the "Asiks" of Azerbaijan...

and the mysterious region of Khorassan

where some say the Saz was perhaps born.



A documentary road-movie, from city to city,

from plains to mountains 


following the songs on the road of the Saz,

to create a bridge between cultures and time.